"Yesterday I had focaccia at Eataly. Gotcha Focaccia is 100x better." - Carleen P.

You want focaccia? We gotcha!

Vegan, no preservatives, and delivered fresh in Brooklyn & Manhattan. Choose one flavor or try them all!

Every Bite is an Occasion

Inspired in Italy and baked in Brooklyn, Gotcha Focaccia is a modern take on the Italian classic bread. You'll find our focaccia is impossibly fluffy, crunchy, and chewy – all at once.

Gotcha Focaccia is made with all natural ingredients and saturated with luscious extra virgin olive oil. We top our focaccia with innovative flavors that will take you on a mouthwatering journey across cultures.

Find us at Smorgasburg and experience the magic of a warm slice or buy a loaf to eat at home: as an appetizer with dips, layered with your favorite sandwich fillings, or simply nibbled on as a snack (it's hard to resist).


From the Beginning

Humans have connected over bread for thousands of years. And focaccia, in my humble opinion, is one of the most delicious breads in the world. I love it so much, I went to Italy to learn from the source.

After years of baking, research and development, I'm excited to bring Gotcha Focaccia to your table!

Here's to breaking bread together,

Meira Bennett
Founder and Baker